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"Doctor Mayoral saved my life back in 2005 when I had colon cancer. He has outstanding bedside manners and is an excellent surgeon with a great supporting staff." — John M.

"They are professionals with excellent academic training, fraternal treatment towards their patients, shows how passionate they are about their work!" — SG Estrada

"If my mom, my daughter or anybody close to me was in need of a surgeon, I would recommend them Dr. Martínez without a doubt. She is loving, caring and most important of all very knowledgeable. I underwent surgery for Colon rectal cancer 3 years ago. When I was diagnose with cancer, I was scared for the operation; however Dr. Martínez took the time to explain the surgery, the risk and benefits, and what to expect after the surgery which eased my anxiety. After the operation, she was with me during my recovery and made herself available for any questions or concerns from me or from my family. What I love the most about Dr. Martínez is that she has the ability to explain very complicated medical terms in a very mundane manner, which allowed me to have a better understanding of my disease. I wish Dr. Martínez the best in her career and if I ever move to Texas, Dr. Martínez would be the first Dr. that I visit." — Lydia M.

"I am so glad to know and work with Dr. Martínez. She is a blessing to her patients and to me." — Carol

"Dr. Martínez and her staff are exceptional. They immediately put you at ease. They all take the time to explain the process of your upcoming procedure and answer any questions you may have quietly and efficiently. It is my opinion that Dr. Martínez is the best provider in all of Presbyterian!"  — Anonymous

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